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Julia's Alterations is no longer taking in and working on dresses made of GLITTERY fabric.

Why did our shop stop working with glittery gowns?

The glitter on the dresses comes off very easily and gets on the white and ivory wedding gowns we are working for other customers. The glitter also irritates the eyes and skin of the employees in the shop.

Specialized in Lace, Sequins and Beadwork

Julia's Alterations 

How far in advance should I get my dress altered?

It's important to time your alterations right.  Bring your gown in too late, and you run the risk of not allowing enough time to let the seamstress work their magic.
Due to Covid19 we are working on site with limited days and hours. Please call ahead at 508-292-6202  or  fill  out the

 Contact web form. 

We recommend  allowing three to six months prior your wedding day as an ideal timeline to make all the alterations. Also keep in mind that the amount of times you need to go for fittings depends on how much you're getting done to the gown — on average, most brides go for three or four fittings.

PLEASE : bring your shoes and bra, any support garments for the first & second
fitting, that you are planning on wearing with your dress. Fittings without these items will have to be rescheduled and may be subject to missed
 appointment fees.

You're not just looking for an Instagram-able shot... you want to create family heirlooms for your children, grandkids, great-grandkids, and so on... 

Your event is going to be a PARTY. When the reception comes, you'll be ready to let your hair down and celebrate! 

Julia's Alterations Brides...

* Note: Only use this as your guide as each dress has different needs.

* Cost estimates will vary depending upon number of layers, fabric quality, beading and lace.

Prices may vary depends on design/ complexity ... inner construction...
 Details such as multiples layers, draped features, beading or lace applique

 require more time and increase the prices.

Plain Hem, Full skirted, Single layer, Formal attire ....$ 125.00

        extra $ 30.00 per/layer ( lining )

Hem with sequins, lace and/or beads .....................$195.00

        extra $ 30.00 per/layer ( lining )

Hem with horse hair/plastic braiding/crinoline

stiff hemline - 1 st layer ....................$ 325.00

        extra $ 30.00 per/layer ( lining )

Take in side/let out: ( per/point-area )
* Plain / Formal Fabric ...................... $ 85.00

* Sequined, lace or beads ..................... $195.00

Add Bra cups........................................$ 65.00

Replace invisible zipper.........................$ 65.00

Replace zipper / add corset style ..........$ 195.00

    materials / fabric cost.....................$ 65.00

Please provide plenty of time for your alterations 

- 3 to 6 months -

( If it must be ready within less than 8 weeks

  prior to your wedding day. ) Rush fee will be apply : $350.00

Special Occasion Dress

Avoid Rush Fee

* Estimates may vary after seeing the gown on the wearer.*

Bridal gown appointments are for 1 hour.

Seating is limited, we recommend a maximum of 2 guests per bride.
 Appointment reservation required.

Consultation, Fitting, Pinning & Measurements
Fee:...... $100.00

( Contact Us - Web Form )

 $100. is charged for the appointment consultation, if you decide

 to have us do your alterations, the consultation fee will be applied

 towards the cost of your alterations service. 

the wedding experience

Step by step, here's what to expect

Estimate Price List

With lace and beads or sequined fabric:........
1 st layer $ 350.00 up
2nd layer ...................... add $ 50.00 per/layer

Neckline ( one area ) 
Bodice    ( one area ) 
 Waist    ( one area )
    Hips    ( one area )
    Thigh   ( one area )

With lace, beading, buttons or sequined fabric/zipper.......$ 350.00 up
Replace Zipper/add Corset Style... $ 350.00  up
Plus + cost/material-Fabric .......... $   65.00   up

Wedding Dress Alterations

take in or  let out  $ 350. per area


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  Missed - Reschedule - No Show and Late Cancellation:

Appointment Policy states that anyone who fails to appear for a scheduled appointment - or who cancels a dress fitting appointment without 48 hours advance notice - will be charged full price for the scheduled service.
 Lost time that was allotted to that client and the appointment slot can't be filled by another customer. 

If you are late to an appointment or miss your appointment, you may reschedule your appointment. 

Appointment Policy