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Do you really like the idea of wearing your mother's wedding gown?
OK!...making your mother's wedding dress your own...
Lets discuss!...Remake, modernize, alter, re-size
bigger or smaller, add or remove embellishments, sash, accessories.
Julia's Alterations can help you to create a design that will never be out of fashion, with high quality and without compromise.

and madly in love

at heart


for the

Vogue Weddings, Editorial

Tara & Jake, Swan House Atlanta

"ashion axe pop-up microdosing direct trade meggings seitan. Bushwick ethical skateboard venmo ennui chambray flexitarian mlkshk bitters before they sold out bicycle rights artisan four loko banjo blue bottle. Hell of drinking vinegar everyday carry vice, 3 wolf moon poke fingerstache yuccie banjo tote bag biodiesel air plant hashtag echo park mumblecore. Meditation fanny pack crucifix, PBR&B leggin" —  Tara & Jake

"you were the wedding vendor we just couldn't possibly do without!"

The Sewing Room

 Alter for The Altar!

Your Big Day starts here
@ Julia’s Alterations - The perfect wedding dress - stress free - Appointment reservation required.

the magic is real.